CS: Performance

When you have a large data set in the repository, the object_name clause (‘and object_name=’) in the folder query generated by the IDfSession.getFolderByPath API produces very slow SQL on Content Server.

The large number and depth of folders leads to poor execution performance of folder query SQL.

Configure DFC by copying the following two properties from dfcfull.properties to dfc.properties and set appropriate values:

  • dfc.query.object_name_for_docbase: Name of the repository in which object_name clause needs to be included or not in the folder query present in IDfSession.getFolderByPath API.

    Specify the repository you are working with.

  • dfc.query.should_include_object_name: This value is used when running a folder query through the IDfSession.getFolderByPath API. It determines whether to include or not object_name clause in the query for the docbase specified in dfc.query.object_name_docbase. If it is explicitly mentioned as false, the object_name clause will not be included in the query for the docbase name that is mentioned in dfc.query.object_name_docbase.
    Default value is true.

    Set it to false to alleviate performance.

If there are multiple docbases to which you want to disable this object_name qualifier, you have to enter it in the following way in dfc.properties:


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