CS: enable SQL Trace

Commands to Enable / Disable sqltrace for a particular user:
apply,c,NULL,SET_OPTIONS,OPTION,S,sqltrace,VALUE,B,T,USERNAME,S,<user name>
apply,c,NULL,SET_OPTIONS,OPTION,S,sqltrace,VALUE,B,F,USERNAME,S,<user name>

Commands to Enable / Disable sqltrace for a particular session:
apply,c,NULL,SET_OPTIONS,OPTION,S,sqltrace,VALUE,B,T,SESSION_ID,S,<session id>
apply,c,NULL,SET_OPTIONS,OPTION,S,sqltrace,VALUE,B,F,SESSION_ID,S,<session id>

Example: steps performed to enable sqltrace for a user <testuser1>
Connected to IAPI via installation owner and fired below statement:

Later connected to IDQL as testuser1 and ran the following DQL:
select r_object_id, object_name from dm_document where r_creation_date >= date(today);

Later connected to IAPI as installation owner and turned off sqltrace

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