xCP – Cleanup space

  1. Fire the following query and note the <r_object_id> of the latest version of xcp_atrifact_bundle
select r_object_id, namespace, r_version_label from xcp_artifact_bundle (all) where namespace='<namespace>’
  1. Fire the following query to delete all the older versions. Be very careful in noting the object ID. It should be the object ID of the latest version of the object.
delete xcp_artifact_bundle (all)  objects where namespace = ‘<namespace>’ and r_object_id != ‘<r_ojbect_id> noted in first query’
  1. Once the objects are deleted, run dm_DMClean job to purge the older objects and its content from repository by navigating to “Job Management” > Jobs. Select dm_DmClean job. Right click and run.
You can do the same clean up for the xcpui, xcpcommons and xCP core in the xcp_artifact_bundle.

xCP – logger configuration for search service

– Log4j configuration:
Add the following lines in the
        log4j.properties of the application found under <app server>\webapps\<app_name>\WEB-INF\classes:
        #XCP Search REST classes
#For Real-Time Query
#For Full-Text Query

Enable d2-client log in debug mode

1.  Navigate to the logback.xml file in the following location:
<Install path of Web Application Server>\webapps\D2\WEB-INF\classes
2.  Change the level from info and warn to debug.
3.  Change the value under the <root> tag from info to debug.
4.  Clear the old logs (after stopping the application server).
5.  Start the application server service.

xCP Designer skip BAM and xPlore

1. Navigate to %xCPDesigner%/plugins folder

2. Find the jar file com.emc.xcp.builder.deployment.xms_xxx

3. Open the jar using 7-zip or someother and edit the file blueprint.xml file located at com\documentum\deployment\xms

4. remove search and bam services from the file

5. Restart xCP designer.

Now xCP Designer will not validate these 2 services.  Also perform the above steps in the xms server as well.

Note:  This might not be supported by EMC.

xCP Designer preview mode configurations

to start of metadata

Following configurations can be used with the preview mode.

Open xCPDesigner.ini file and add the below parameters based on the requirements.

-DdisplayWebbyView=true (to see server side errors in webby console)

-Dwebby.containerTimeout=30  (Specifies the timeout value)

-Dpreview.mode.debug=false (Provides additional log details)

-Dwebby.jvmArgument=”XX:PermSize=192m -XX:MaxPermSize=192m -Xms512m -Xmx832m”